About Canary & Grey

At our Canary & Grey design studio we wanted to create simple yet beautifully crafted home accessories.

We started with stone and created trays, cheeseboards, cake boards and candle holders, using marble, for its natural and delicate beauty and quartz, for its more durable and non-porous nature.

Because we wanted to showcase the beauty of the stone itself, we carved out discreet handles to allow for ease of use without interrupting the sleek look of our boards. Similarly, our trays and candle holders are all carved out of a single piece of stone rather than being fabricated, resulting in a seamless piece of design.

Our ‘Limited Edition’ collection features our best designs in the finest quality marble, onyx and exotic stones. These pieces are few in number so get them while stock lasts!

Our ‘Classic Collection’ is an environmentally conscious range that is just as striking – created from remnants of marble, granite and quartz slabs as we endeavour to focus on a no waste approach. 

Available in a variety of colours and designs, our carefully crafted and hand finished pieces are sure to bring an element of beauty and luxury to your home.

Content photography : manonhouston.com